Austin, Texas

Golden Retriever Club of America


April 2010 - AGRC Agility Trial

ALL AMERICAN DOGS (mixed breeds)


Jenny Kerwick and "Bear"

The AKC Canine Partners program is where the mixed breeds ("All American Dogs") get to compete along side the pure bred dogs.  Oct 2009, the mixed breed dogs could register with AKC, April 1 2010 was the date when the mixed breed dogs could begin entering AKC trials.  So the weekend of April 2,3,4 was the first trial weekend.  There were a plenty of trials around the country this weekend, not all allowed mixed breeds to compete (the one in McKinney did not allow mixed breeds).  We don't know for sure, but Bear may have been the only Mixed breed to qualify in all six runs and earn both Novice titles in the first weekend of competition.  Once the AKC rep checks in with the other reps who were at other trials where there were mixed breeds competing, we should know if AGRC had the history making dog at our trial.  I really hope so, Jenny is great and Bear is a very nice dog.

The America Kennel Club Canine Parters FB page ... from Apr 1...

AKC Canine Partners By The Numbers: - 27 clubs will be hosting 72 events across this country this upcoming weekend, beginning tomorrow! - 150 mixed breeds will be participating in agility, obedience or rally for the first time. - Canine Partners enrollees make up 28% of the Novice entry at the Somerset Hills Agility Trial tomorrow - There will be 541 runs or classes by mixed breeds over the weekend!






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