Austin, Texas

Golden Retriever Club of America

2008 WC/WCX


The Austin Golden Retriever Club is holding a WC/WCX test on October 11, 2008. The test will be held in Mannheim, Texas. Entries will be taken through Entry Express.

Please read the Waiver of Liability (click) before entering.

You will be required to sign the waiver before participating in the tests.

For more information call:

Theresa Yeager




Darrell Borchardt and “Dealer” , Windfall’s Odds on Casino (flatcoat); HANDLER Laura Pickering or Darrell Bochart

Roger Thurman and “Mo”, Eden’s Parting the Waters
HANDLER Roger Thurman

Eve Thurman and “Taz”, Eden’s Tasmanian Devil
HANDLER Eve Thurman

Norin Borke and Robin Graff and “KC”, KC Adirondac Red Hot
HANDLER Norin Borke

Kaye Fuller and “Flash”Topbrass No Time to Paws
HANDLER Kaye Fuller

Norin Borke and “Ruby”, Cinnamon Splash Ruby Red Devil HANDLER Norin Borke


Lee McCuistion and “Nugget”, Vintage Gold Miner’s Thrill, JH, WC; HANDLER Lee McCuistion

Kaye Fuller and “Brooke”, La Crosse’s Running Brooke; HANDLER Kaye Fuller

Roger Fuller and “Punch”, KC Eden’s Break on Through
HANDLER Roger Fuller